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The training manual is now available and can be purchased at the iUniverse bookstore or directly from iUniverse at the address given below.

Available on iUniverse.com
Front Cover--Photo by Tom Miller, 2011

Four-Footed Ministers in Formation: A Training Manual on Dog Ministry: A Training Manual on Dog Ministry

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ISBN: 978-1-4759-7208-5 (sc)

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What Readers Are Saying: 

M.W., a chaplain working in hospice commented on the use of Four-Footed Ministers in Formation: A Training Manual for Dog Ministry (iUniverse.com), to set up a program for dog ministry for her patients:

     Your books [both the Four-Footed Ministers in Formation and Four-Footed Ministers: Their Theology of Presence] were extremely helpful. I love the dog stories which I plan on repeating…. Picking out parts and sharing them with my supervisor verbally was invaluable to me and saying I had been to your workshop for this purpose spoke volumes.

     I foresee Susie [her dog] bringing much comfort to patients and families and allowing them to open up with the comfort of a lovable dog at hand showing them God’s unconditional love. Staff are hyped and can’t wait for her to “work” with us.

     We have pet therapy volunteers…who make a tremendous impact on our patients. Susie will be the first dog to “work” with us in Spiritual Care. 


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