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For Further Reading on CAM/PS and the Four-Footed Ministers Pastoral-Care Program (updated 7-24-15):


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 Upcoming Presentations: With the death of Alya, Dr. Felton has focused her attention on presentations on the concept of a program approach for dog ministry. She is available for presentations to students, ministers and seminarians. Please contact her at jefelton2011@gmail.com. 

For information on therapy dog requirements, check out this website

Here is the link to Alya's Pet Partner page. Please copy and paste it in your browser. Your support of Four-Footed Ministers, all who are registered Pet Partners, is greatly appreciated: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/alyafelton/alyafeltonsfundraisingpage

Wendy Francisco has summarized all that dog ministry is in this song. Enjoy

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