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                Jerilyn E. Felton is a graduate of Seattle University with a B.A. in Fine Arts.  Through a series of life adventures, she came to Portland, Oregon, finding a vibrant community of ice dancers there.  Her job permitted her the time to explore her love of ice dancing and to give back to the sport of figure skating by becoming a judge for Singles, Pairs and Dance.  Though she retired from judging in 2000,  she returned to the sport  after the death of her husband and ice dance partner, George. She was reinstated as an Intermediate Figure/ Silver Freestyle and Gold Dance judge, continuing to give back to the sport that provides a balance to her academic and professional work.

             Jerilyn held a variety of increasingly important positions in international export sales over her 20 year career with a food brokerage firm. Transitioning from this company, she completed an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies as well as an M.A. in Applied Theology at Marylhurst University.  She completed her Doctor of Ministry at George Fox Evangelical Seminary (Portland Seminary) in 2012. She brings to the real world of pastoral and spiritual care her model for canine-assisted ministry / pastoral and spiritual care through writing and, publishing articles and books on the subject.



Jerilyn E. Felton, D. Min.
Photo by Jana Castellano, 2012

Dr. Jerilyn E. Felton & Alya, Four-Footed Minister
September, 2012

Alya, a Labrador Retriever, was born in June 2001 and was not part of the research conducted in June, 2004. She was bred for a guide dog program but did not have the qualities necessary to make a good guide. 
Dr. Felton adopted her in July, 2005 and was working with her in ministry as she was Pet Partners-registered in October 2010 and re-registered in August 2012.  Sadly, Alya had what appeared to be a stroke on the evening of November 2, 2014 and peacefully passed away on the morning of November 3,2014. Pax et Lux, Alya.