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Jerilyn E. Felton, D.Min., jefelton2011@gmail.com 

Welcome to our website that briefly explains a structure/model for ministry that integrates a canine companion directly into ministry/pastoral and spiritual care. The following pages will highlight the unfolding story of a dog-ministry program based on the CAM/PS Model (Canine-Assisted Ministry/Pastoral and Spiritual care). In addition, this site will provide you with a list of resources on this cutting-edge ministerial form written by its creator, Dr. Jerilyn E. Felton.

Enjoy your time here and we hope that you will return again and again to see how the Four-Footed Ministers Pastoral-Care Program continues to unfold.  
Thank you for coming! Blessings from Jerilyn and Alya (my Four-Footed Minister is now waiting for me to join her--Rest in Peace, for she died 11/3/2014).